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Cross Country Results


​On a hot and humid Friday afternoon, our year 4-6 students competed in our annual cross-country event. The house spirit on display was awesome and the efforts of all those students who gave it their best shot was pleasing to see. Congratulations to the students who finished in the top 10 and received a ribbon. Students who finished in the top six will be invited to attend the Coastal District cross country at The Big Pineapple on Friday 3 May. Many thanks to the parents and supporters who attended and helped to create the atmosphere, students are always excited when they know you are coming to support them.

Overall Team Scores
Bingera – 376 Champions, Wollomai – 333, Umpara – 295.
12 Years Boys
1st Hayden Smith
2nd Jed Greig
3rd Jasper Wiseman
4th Thoran Schellhammer
5th Lincoln Marshall
6th Will Lategan
7th Liam Bracey
8th Jayke Pendergast
9th Noah Smith
10th Izaac Stinton
11 Years Boys
1st Caylen Murray
2nd Fintan Andrews
3rd Matthew Musico
4th Coen Watson
5th Ryder McCormack
6th Xanda Bourne
7th Archie Mayfield
8th Thomas Aarons
9th Rileigh Ruming
10th Sam Brumby
10 Years Boys
1st Blake Emerson-Currell
2nd Jy Teixeira
3rd Aiden Guttridge
4th Ash Moore
5th Oliver Van Wegen
6th Byron Forsyth
7th Jeremy Yates
8th Oliver Kruck
9th Luke Howe
10th Hudson Zuback
9 Years Boys
1st Barkley Gibbons
2nd Zac Dowd
3rd Henry Reeman
4th Vinnie Tibbits
5th Ari Greig
6th Sasha Bourne
7th Alex Morse
8th Aaron Smith
9th Jamie Ogg
10th Malakai Lambi
12 Years Girls
1st Alana Wilson
2nd Sophie Husson
3rd Gemma Wortley
4th Britt Ackerley
5th Charlotte Fleischfresser
6th Sarah Morse
7th Alleah Hanson
8th Maria Ramaldes
9th Taylor Bastow
11 Years Girls
1st Eva Musico
2nd Milly Petersen
3rd Piper Loweke
4th Larni Scrase
5th Tiana Quinlan
6th Heloise Roberts
7th Bella Dodgshun
8th Mae Nason
9th Stevie Lategan
10th Elleah Roaschou
10 Years Girls
1st Millie Murray
2nd Eva Nicoll-Rann
3rd Stella Tait
4th Eleanor Podsiadly
5th Libby Zealey
6th Indiana Marshall
7th Hayley Aarons
8th Rachel Otton
9th Bianca Ebbott
10th Electra Francis
9 Years Girls
1st Jasmine Comerford
2nd Ingrid Hast
3rd Tia Warby
4th Zoe Lethem
5th Felicity Worner
6th Layla Curnow
7th Amber Brooks
8th Chloe Descy
9th Tala Elsayed
10th Shae Hanson
Runner’s Club will continue to operate with sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday as we build up to the District event in May. We will also include some shorter runs for 800m training for Sports day in week 10.